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Name: Amit Agarwal
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As the brain neurons keep switching connections, something new keeps forming up in the mind. I just try to write that down as close as possible.

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  5. Convincing or Convinced? — April 15, 2015

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Mar 25

Mirror Mirror on the FACEBOOK wall

  Mirror Mirror on the FACEBOOK wall! How many LIKES I got in all?

Feb 11

Before Man, no one knew Him

  Sometimes, I really wonder If God created man For His own recognition Before Man, No one was there to worship Him

Nov 13

Your Left, My Right!

Most of us occasionally run into those frustrating moments where we believe something is RIGHT but others don’t seem to be believing the same. It seems to be so obvious, but somehow other person doesn’t seem to be getting it. In most of these cases, we end up concluding that we were RIGHT and other…

Apr 21

Big Bro

It is time to Stop Being Dad. When your Son calls you Big Bro!

Apr 15

Convincing or Convinced?

Sometimes... Convincing others is More like convincing yourself That others are convinced.

Apr 14

What They Say- Gadkari

News Link

Apr 06

Choose Right

#Mychoice,  #ChooseRight If we all start living by our own choices only, The world will be intolerable place in no time. Promote equality, mutual respect and togetherness. Do not promote gender bias, adultery and insensitivity.     In response to "My Choice" Directed By Homi Adajania - Vogue Empower        

Mar 01

Creativity is madness

Creativity, When understood and accepted by others, is innovation Until then, it is a pure madness. So don't be mad if someone called you mad today :), s/he doesn't understand what you are up to. Stay Mad, Stay Creative!  

Feb 11

Five key messages to all the politicial parties after Delhi elections

You cannot create a leader, they are just self-made After seeing how Rahul and Kiran performed and how Modi and Kejriwal evolved in last elections, it is clear, leaders are really self-made and naturally accepted by public. You just cannot impose a leader. If you do, you are set for defeat. Today’s India in more…

Feb 05

While Teaching My Kids, I Learned

As a parent of two kids it is one of my main duties to teach them the Rights and Wrongs of the world as they grow up. But unfortunately my ability to explain the same is limited to my own experiences or based on an ideal world that was once taught by my elders when…

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