Feb 01

Delhi, surprise us once again!

Go Delhi Go

Delhi has always been a center of political action, and last two years have been totally action packed. This is where we saw first winds of change last year that converted into a storm turning Indian political map upside down. A very good and courageous job was done by Delhi. It saved us from a government that was almost becoming autocratic government run by a single person.

Fast forward to today, now we have another single party dominating in Indian politics and if no one stops its carriage, soon we will have risk of another round of autocratic government run by a single person. BJP has yet to show its ability to run as a party, so far it is all about a single person, similar to what we saw in Congress.

As of today, Congress has given up to the core and BJP is still in the honeymoon mood. AAP seems to be the only option to prevent us from again getting into an autocratic governance that is fatal for a democracy like us.

Delhi, you have done it in past. Do it again. You gave us AAP, now its survival and to some extend survival of democracy in India is dependent on who you choose.

BJP wave is everywhere, but AAP is your gift to Indian Politics. Just like last time, do surprise everyone, once again.

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Amit Agarwal

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