Feb 11

Five key messages to all the politicial parties after Delhi elections

Delhi Election 2015

You cannot create a leader, they are just self-made

After seeing how Rahul and Kiran performed and how Modi and Kejriwal evolved in last elections, it is clear, leaders are really self-made and naturally accepted by public. You just cannot impose a leader. If you do, you are set for defeat.

Today’s India in more in-charge of itself than ever before

No one can take it for granted any more. You have to be a deserving one to get elected. Period. Congress has not yet come out of trauma state since last general election and BJP just ended its long honeymoon period after Delhi election. At the end, it all will only bring higher degree of competition among political parties to grab general public’s attention and trust. It is not going to be easy any more.

Information is strength

We are truly in the middle of information age. Information is travelling much faster than we all can consume and influencing us much more than we can think of. Traditional politicians may have hard time accepting it but reality is that after news channels now Facebook and Twitter have become most powerful tools in today’s world.

People are the real force behind democracy

It all started with a good faith but then democracy lost it’s true meaning somewhere down the line. I never believed before that Indian public can ever reclaim its power in democracy, but they did. They not only showed how powerful their verdict could be, but also how desperate they are about the change. Change for good.

It’s time to work

Now the public knows more, expects more and responds faster, so only mantra of success for any political party would be to get working. So they better get working.

I wish, India is all set for long lasting positive changes, Amen.

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