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Samosa and Chai, Truly Indian Snack. Wait, Really?

Chai and Samosa

It is always a heavenly experience to have a hot and crispy Samosa along with a cup of Chai. I can always trade this combo for any snack any time. While I enjoy this experience, I always wonder how this Samosa came in to being? Who really invented this king of Indian Snacks?

Today I thought of actually finding out the history of Samosa. In my search very first thing I came across was that Samosa did not really originate in India. This was little disappointing for me, for someone who always believed it to be an Indian pride. But facts are facts. Samosa actually originated in middle east more than thousand years ago and traveled to India during Mughal period. Originally made with minced meat and nuts filling, it went through many innovations as it traveled across the world and time.

As Mughals were primarily settled in central part of northern India, this is where this snack also got rooted in India and flourished. It is believed that here it got its typical shape and potato filling that is famous till today. With vegetarian filling it became widely accepted and as we all know it slowly became one of the most favorite snacks of India.

Even today many countries have their own versions of Samosas but I must say that no one adopted Samosa like India, so even though it is not Indian by birth, it is very Indian by love of it.

Oh, one more thing, do you know that Chai is also not an Indian name for tea. It is actually an old English word. In old English literature this word is mentioned many times for hot tea like drinks as Cha or Char (r being silent). The same name was used for hot tea during British colonial era in India. Originally it was actually called Chai even without milk. Later when general Indian public adopted tea in their daily life they added milk, herbs and spices to transform it into Masala Chai and later this form of tea became synonymous to Indian Chai worldwide.

So while I eat Samosa that was brought in India by Mughals and Chai that was brought in by British, I enjoy this lovely combination in its very Indian form and with all genuine love.

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  1. Shaifali Agarwal

    I wasn’t knowing that SAmosa originates from mughal period and chai from britishers m very thankful to u for writing such a knowledgeable things

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