Jan 29

The Blame War of Rape

man and woman

man and woman

I was watching some of the viral videos on facebook recently where some girls come in front of the camera and declare entire mankind as rapist and make fun of our culture as if everything went wrong in past that turned every man on earth (or may be just in India) a rapist. This reminds of some earlier comments coming from our Politicians and Gurus where they generically blamed girls and their dressing sense as reason for rapes.

There is a striking similarity in both. Both have no clue about the problem.

Calling every Man a Rapist is as wrong as calling every Girl a Slut.

I strongly feel that rape is one of the most inhuman acts done by human and it is a serious problem in India, but don’t really agree to how we are treating it.

We Indians have one great habit that has defined us for centuries, we never accept our problem as a problem, rather we find someone else to blame for it. The same is being done by our Gurus and these recent viral videos.

Blaming others is an easy rescue. We have done that in past where we blamed other countries, religions and casts to hide our problems and all we know is that it only led to greater divide. We never solved any problem by blaming others. We only got a false sense of satisfaction of being right. We are doing the same with this current social issue.

I am proud to be an Indian where at least we are able to speak about this big social issue today that had been a taboo so far, but noise and extremism is not what we need. Just like any other crime a fraction of society will always be willing to commit it with no fear of any kind and it is those we need to target and protect our society from. It is hard task and can only handled by combination of social enrichment and better law enforcement.

To all the people (men and women alike) who believe that just blaming other gender will solve the problem, please shut up!

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