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While Teaching My Kids, I Learned

While teaching my kids, I learned

While teaching my kids, I learned

As a parent of two kids it is one of my main duties to teach them the Rights and Wrongs of the world as they grow up. But unfortunately my ability to explain the same is limited to my own experiences or based on an ideal world that was once taught by my elders when I was growing up. I never saw or experienced that ideal world myself, but try to teach the same to my kids, just like my elders did. It definitely makes sense to teach kids all the right ways as they grow up. After all, it is a natural process to make our future generations do better and be superior to us.

In this process, it did not occur to me that I might have crossed that line of too much teaching until one day. It was a regular weekday evening and we were busy wrapping up the day. My Son accidentally dropped a glass tumbler on the floor that scattered all over the place and made a mess. My immediate reaction was to shout at him and give him a long lecture on being careful and attentive.  After cleaning up the glass from floor and finishing my lecture I set down next to him. He looked little sad and little shocked. My fumes were gone by then. I said sorry to him as I did not really mean everything I told him in the spurt of anger. The lecture that I just gave him was mostly applicable to me too. If I knew all the right things then how come I end up making mistakes too. I am in no way perfect, so can’t my Son be. We both can just improve and be better. He returned me a smile and forgiven me immediately. Then I told him stories about how I used to break stuff when I was a child and he laughed imagining all the naughty things I managed to do in my childhood.

Never realized this before, but as a parent, life is giving me another chance to learn and unlearn so many things once again. Teaching kids the Right ways, I realize how many ways I have been Wrong.

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Amit Agarwal

As the brain neurons keep switching connections, something new keeps forming up in the mind. I just try to write that down as close as possible.


  1. Swati

    This is so true Amit, if we think carefully our children are just our reflections, their habits, behavior and nature all comes from us only. To make them perfect , first we should learn to be perfect. Liked your blog. Would love to visit here again.

    1. Amit Agarwal

      Thanks Swati for your message.
      Keep visiting CK for more.


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