Nov 13

Your Left, My Right!

Left or Right

Most of us occasionally run into those frustrating moments where we believe something is RIGHT but others don’t seem to be believing the same. It seems to be so obvious, but somehow other person doesn’t seem to be getting it. In most of these cases, we end up concluding that we were RIGHT and other person was WRONG. Ironically that other person would have also believed the same in return.

If I look back in my life, I have changed so many beliefs over time that I can’t even remember. In many of my beliefs what I considered as RIGHT at some point in my life, are now WRONG to me and many things that I believed were WRONG turned out to be RIGHT at the end. This conflict of RIGHT and WRONG exits within ourselves too.

So why not RIGHT is always RIGHT and WRONG is always WRONG? Why is RIGHT sometimes WRONG and vice versa? And, if we all know what is RIGHT, why do we really end up doing anything WRONG at all?

The answer to these questions is very simple. We all are always RIGHT at that very moment in our own beliefs. We are never wrong in our own eyes when we are doing something. Later when we compare it with other factors we may decide to call that action as WRONG. But terming it WRONG later is based on additional knowledge and information we collected later on. This way our perceptions may change again later as we encounter more facts and knowledge in our life

For the same reason, if someone else evaluates someone’s action from one’s own point of view, it may or may not seem RIGHT. It all depends on evaluators beliefs, which may be different from actor’s beliefs.

These thoughts are so relative and depend solely on individual’s perception that we cannot call anything as clear RIGHT or WRONG for everyone. What is perceived as RIGHT by majority or authority becomes socially acceptable RIGHT even though many people continue to believing it as WRONG. As generations change, their perceptions change and hence the definition of RIGHT and WRONG changes.

At the end, one person’s Left could be other person’s Right and we both may be pointing to the same direction. It all depends on where they are looking from.

About the author

Amit Agarwal

As the brain neurons keep switching connections, something new keeps forming up in the mind. I just try to write that down as close as possible.

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