Mar 10

पुरानी चिट्ठियाँ

purani chitthi

purani chitthi

दर्द था, कशिश थी या दबे ज़ज़्बात

कुछ तो था जो भूले नहीं वो बात

एक एक लम्हा याद आ गया कल

जब पुरानी चिट्ठियों पे पड़ गया हाथ


यूं तो गुमशुदा हूँ आज की ज़िंदगी में

पर पुराने तार शायद बंधे हें साथ

या फिर भरी होगी बीती ज़िंदगी उनमें

जब भी खोलो, वही बात, वही ज़ज़्बात




Dard tha, kashish thi, ya dabe zazbaat

Kuchh to tha jo bhoole nahin wo baat

Ek ek lamha yaad aa gaya kal

Jab purani chitthiyon pe pad gaya haath


Yun to gumshuda hun aaj ki zindagi mein

Par purane taar shayad bandhe hein saath

Ya fir bhari hogi biti zindagi unmein

Jab bhi kholo, wahi baat, wahi zazbaat


About the author

Amit Agarwal

As the brain neurons keep switching connections, something new keeps forming up in the mind. I just try to write that down as close as possible.


  1. Meenakshi

    Amit you express so well.They are almost everybody’s emotions ,flowing out of you pen.

    1. Amit Agarwal

      Thanks Meenakshi,
      Sometime, most common expressions are the most difficult ones :).

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a message. Keep visiting.


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