Nov 24

Tere Liye Bana Yeh Chhan – तेरे लिए बना ये छन

chhan- hindi poem

chhan- hindi poem

एक नयी सुबह, एक नया दिन
सिरहन जगाती, पहली किरन

ओस की बूँद से भीगा तन,
तन को छू के जाती पवन

धीमे धीमे घुलता मन
सांस सांस पिघलता बदन

हलकी हलकी पत्तों की कंपन
गा रही संग दिल की धड़कन

सांसों को सांसों से मिला के, छु के मेरा अंग अंग
कानों में कह गया कोई, आज तेरे लिए बना ये छन



Every morning comes like a new birth in our life. Every moment is meant to be lived. Go out, feel it and embrace these moments. They are all yours.

——Tere Liye Bana Yeh Chhan——

Ek nayee subah, ek naya din
Sirhan jagaati, pahli kiran

Os ki boond se bheega tan
Tan ko chhook ke jati pawan

Dheeme dheeme ghulta man
Sans sans pighalta badan

Halki halki patton ki kampan
Ga rahi sang dil ki dharkan

Saanson ko saanson se mila ke
Chhooke mera ang ang

Kanon mein kah gaya koi
Aaj tere liye bana yeh chhan



About the author

Amit Agarwal

As the brain neurons keep switching connections, something new keeps forming up in the mind. I just try to write that down as close as possible.


  1. Murtaza Habib

    Amit bro, Salam. Just happened to see your and your Mrs. Shilpi’ s site. Its a pleasure to see all this. In fact, being at home nowadays, wanted to cook tinday today. And reached you guys !! So, its the tinday which met us two !! Any way I liked your entire site..please keep doing the good work and spreading peace, love and all good things this world needs so very badly now. Your entire family is lovely and may Allah keep you blessed always. I love foods of all types and when get time, try to cook some. Now I will keep visiting your site as it gives a very homey feel…love you all !! Bye.

    1. Amit Agarwal

      Thanks Murtaza ji, could not respond earlier. But it was really a pleasure seeing your feedback. Thanks for all the encouraging words. Do stay in touch and keep visiting. – Amit

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