Feb 01

Delhi, surprise us once again!

Delhi has always been a center of political action, and last two years have been totally action packed. This is where we saw first winds of change last year that converted into a storm turning Indian political map upside down. A very good and courageous job was done by Delhi. It saved us from a…

Jan 29

The Blame War of Rape

I was watching some of the viral videos on facebook recently where some girls come in front of the camera and declare entire mankind as rapist and make fun of our culture as if everything went wrong in past that turned every man on earth (or may be just in India) a rapist. This reminds of…

Jan 24

Happy Glasses, Sad Glasses

When we are sad, we look at this world through the sad glasses When we are happy, we look at this world through the happy glasses Sometimes it is not the world that needs change, but the glasses. Let's keep our happy glasses on World has always been a great to live.      

Jan 19

Samosa and Chai, Truly Indian Snack. Wait, Really?

It is always a heavenly experience to have a hot and crispy Samosa along with a cup of Chai. I can always trade this combo for any snack any time. While I enjoy this experience, I always wonder how this Samosa came in to being? Who really invented this king of Indian Snacks? Today I thought…

Jan 14

Spring comes to those who have enough arms to welcome it

Chilling gusts of wind were tearing its luster away. Leaves were falling down one by one leaving its stems bare and naked. It was a cold winter day and I was sipping hot ginger tea sitting next to the window inside my cozy home when I saw this bare lonely tree standing firm and confident in the front…

Jan 10

It all depends on how colorful the drop of the moment is

The more we go deep in our memory lane the more abstract our vision becomes. We can remember what we did today, but can only remember vague feelings of our childhood days. This seems like an evaporation process, where every moment gets dropped on our mind like a water color on a canvas and starts…

Jan 02

Let The Journey Begin

Starting something new this year, a journey of exploration. Walk four steps (Chaar kadam) together with me and I am sure we will be friends forever.

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